Transport and goods insurance

Our transport and goods insurance solution

When you transport your goods or professional equipment, or entrust them to professional transporters for delivery, they are exposed to various risks such as breakage, damage, loss or theft. Transported goods insurance solutions offer you comprehensive cover against these risks.

Public transport of goods

When you entrust your goods to professional hauliers, and in the event of a claim, you will logically seek to hold the haulier liable. However, even though the carrier is presumed to be responsible for any damage (loss or damage) that may occur to your goods during their journey, he only insures his liability and not the actual value of your goods.

Furthermore, in view of this presumption of liability, and based on the principle that a carrier cannot know the value of the goods entrusted to him, the legislator has introduced measures to limit or even exonerate his liability.

This means that in the event of an accident involving goods you have entrusted to a transport professional, you will receive only partial compensation, if any at all.

To protect you from these risks, CSE Global offers the following solutions

CSE Global protects you against the risks associated with transporting goods and covers :

  • your goods as “damage to property” and not on the basis of the carrier’s liability (with its limits and possible exemptions)
  • your damaged or lost goods on the basis of the actual value of the goods (and not on the basis of weight, as required by law)
  • all your goods flows, whatever the mode of transport, nationally and internationally (multimodal solutions).

Here are the main coverages offered in our transported goods insurance solutions:

  • Damage to goods entrusted to us during transport (accident, fire, loss, theft, wetting, etc.)
  • Risk of attack, war, strike, riot or civil commotion
  • Storage and transit of goods
  • Consequential immaterial damage to optimise compensation

Private goods transport

Are you a retailer, craftsman or  small and medium-sized businesses who regularly transports goods, equipment and property entrusted to you by your customers in your business vehicles?

Your motor insurance cover provides limited or no protection for goods transported in the event of damage or theft.


At CSE Global, we understand the risks you face. That’s why we offer you a competitive solution, specifically designed for your business, which provides comprehensive cover against damage and theft whilst en route or parked. This cover is completely independent of your existing motor insurance policies, ensuring that you have adequate protection for your business assets carried in your vehicles.

A modular solution with useful cover :

  • Road accidents
  • Fire, lightning, explosion
  • Theft
  • Road/road collapse
  • Natural disasters


Options to tailor cover to your needs:


  • Luggage and personal effects
  • Vehicle modifications
  • Financial loss


Competitive rates to optimise your insurance budget: from €150 incl. VAT / year per vehicle for “All Risks” cover.

Simplified claims management and rapid compensation: a dedicated team of experts and simplified reporting procedures to offer you the best quality of service in the event of a claim.

As your partner, CSE Global supports and assists you in all stages of managing your insurance contracts, guaranteeing you adequate cover and peace of mind for your public and private freight transport operations.

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