Logistics solutions

CSE Global, your partner for logistics outsourcing

At CSE Global, we offer solutions tailored to retailers and manufacturers, whatever the type of goods they carry.

We understand the crucial importance of efficient logistics services to support your business and optimise your flow of goods, while keeping costs under control to safeguard your turnover.

Our approach is based on continuous improvement, aiming to offer you optimum operational logistics efficiency in terms of quality and lead times, all at controlled logistics costs. Our three warehouses are specially designed to receive all types of products at ambient temperature, process them and redistribute them according to your specific needs.

Right from the contact and design phase, we work closely with you to understand your requirements and specific needs. We then ensure that your flows are managed in a demanding, scheduled and secure way, thanks to our shared multi-client/multi-activity organisation. This approach enables us to offer you flexibility, optimisation and controlled costs throughout your supply chain.

Logistics outsourcing, also known as logistics subcontracting, is an increasingly common practice in the business world. It involves entrusting all or part of a company’s logistics activities to an external service provider specialising in this area.

It offers a number of advantages, such as concentration on the core business, cost reduction, flexibility, access to expertise, risk reduction and the possibility of geographical expansion.

Our commitment as your logistics outsourcing partner

At CSE Global, we are committed to delivering logistics services that meet your expectations, with services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts will apply their know-how to support you throughout the process, offering logistics management that enables traceability, performance and efficiency.

You can count on us to handle your goods flows with rigour and professionalism, while optimising your operational costs. We are committed to providing you with a quality logistics experience, and to being your trusted partner in optimising your activities.

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