Bonded warehouse solutions

Optimise your customs management with our bonded warehouse service

We offer a dedicated bonded warehousing service under customs supervision, enabling goods to be kept as they are until they are assigned to another customs destination.

Our bonded warehousing solutions located in transit and distribution zones include the physical reception of goods and keeping them under protection, a customs declaration for placement under this special regime, the recording of your products in a stock ledger for customs surveillance and pending your decisions.

Storage in a dedicated warehouse under customs supervision mainly enables you to defer payment of duties and taxes pending final allocation of the goods for customs purposes.

This service also gives you operational and commercial flexibility by ensuring that your goods are ready and geographically advanced.

The possibility of re-exporting goods under permanent suspension of duties and taxes facilitates your commercial operations and helps to reduce the costs incurred by these goods.

Why choose CSE Global to store your goods in bonded warehouses?

CSE Global has in-depth expertise in customs procedures and the regulations in force. We master the global management of warehouses, including bonded warehouses, and are able to provide sound advice and professional assistance.

We offer warehouses specifically designed for bonded storage. Our facilities offer high security standards, strict access control and optimal storage conditions to preserve the quality of your goods.

When you choose CSE Global to store your goods in bonded warehouses, you benefit from our expertise, dedicated warehouses, operational flexibility, optimised cash management and simple re-exportation.

We’re here to help you manage your customs operations efficiently and optimise your supply chain.

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