Customs operations

CSE Global, your approved customs broker

At CSE Global, we understand that nothing can be improvised. That’s why we advise you and offer you the right options and customs clearance procedures tailored to your needs.

We take charge of all your operations and inform the various authorities of all your import/export declarations and specific customs procedures. We accompany you to goods presentation points and other veterinary and phytosanitary checkpoints.

Opérations en douane

3 reasons to place your trust in us

  • Thanks to our expertise and our extensive range of solutions covering logistics, multimodal transport, customs and insurance. We can support you in implementing multimodal transport operations at different links in your supply chain.
  • Strategically located or represented at airport and maritime access points, we can represent you in customs matters and make your operations more fluid.
  • By entrusting us with your operations, including customs, you can be sure of a single point of contact from start to finish.

What does a registered customs representative do?

A registered customs representative, also known as a R.D.E., is a qualified professional who will manage your customs formalities efficiently and effectively on your behalf, in compliance with the regulations, by advising you and representing you in dealings with the customs authorities.

When you use an R.D.E., you benefit from specialised expertise to ensure that your goods are presented in the safest and most secure conditions. So you can concentrate on your core business and be sure of efficient, compliant customs management.

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