All risk professional insurance

Our all risk professional insurance solutions

Do you want to protect your buildings, your stock of goods, your equipment and your business equipment against the many risks to your business? Our business multi-risk insurance solutions can help you protect yourself against potential financial loss in the event of a claim.


At CSE Global, we understand that protecting your business and your assets is vital to ensuring business continuity in the event of a loss. That’s why we offer property insurance solutions specially designed to meet the needs of transport and logistics professionals, as well as industrial, commercial and craft businesses, such as manufacturers, wholesalers, convenience stores and construction professionals.

Our commercial property and equipment insurance solutions offer comprehensive, tailor-made cover to protect your buildings, stock of goods, equipment and business premises against the risks you face every day. In the event of a claim, such as fire, theft, natural disaster or water damage, our insurance solutions will enable you to deal with the financial consequences and preserve the long-term future of your business.

Our solutions cover a wide range of risks, so that you can tailor your insurance cover to your real needs:

  • Fire, explosion
  • Water damage
  • Theft, vandalism, riots
  • Acts of God
  • Glass breakage
  • Electrical damage
  • Breakage of machinery and computer equipment
  • Loss of goods
  • Business interruption

CSE Global’s expertise at your company’s service

With CSE Global, you benefit not only from tailor-made property insurance solutions, but also from the expertise of our teams and our partner companies, who work with you on a daily basis to make your business more secure:

  • Drawing up a personalised prevention plan to protect your business.
  • Adapting your insurance cover to reflect changes in your business.
  • Management and monitoring of your claims by a dedicated team.

At CSE Global, we believe in a partnership of trust with our customers, which is why we are committed to being by your side every step of the way in managing your insurance policies.

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