Advice and compliance

Simplify the management of your customs operations

Our contribution and our role are exclusively dedicated to providing you with optimised and secure solutions for securing the movement of goods from your suppliers to your customers. Our approach is divided into two distinct parts, addressing regulatory, optimisation and organisational aspects.

First of all, we ensure that the essential stages of customs flows are respected, starting with the quality of the information and documents exchanged between the parties involved. We then focus on the preparation of administrative operations, making sure that the physical flow, the documentary flow and the declaratory operations correspond.

Customs also means setting up optimal customs procedures. To do this, CSE Global analyses and shares its vision of the best options for your goods flows, drawing on existing arrangements and the flexibility offered by the authorities to help operators trade via their optimised supply chain.

Our aim is to support you proactively and offer you tailor-made solutions to implement your physical and customs operations. We work in partnership with you to understand your needs and your specific requirements, so that we can provide you with the appropriate choices, responses and actions.

Understanding the customs declaration of conformity

The customs declaration is a precise and rigorous procedure by which an exporter or importer certifies that his goods comply with the customs regulations in force.

This operation involves providing the necessary information and documents in advance of customs formalities so that they can be properly analysed. The aim is then to inform the authorities of your export and import operations in compliance with the customs regulations of the country or zone concerned.  This approach is designed to be structured and comprehensive, to avoid any slowdowns or risks in your supply chain.

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