E-logistics support for LAPSA

Background to our support

CSE’s E-logistics activities have been supporting Laboratoires Pour la Santé Animale since 2018 and the launch of their distribution activities in France. LAPSA is a pure player and distributes its products exclusively through the network of French pharmacists who have a corner for animal health.

Why did LAPSA call on CSE Global?

As the high quality finished products were already stocked at CSE by LAPSA’s manufacturer and supplier, it was proposed to both customers to set up, as an extension, unit order preparation activities, personalisation of orders and products via our kitting and dispatch workshop, without forgetting the associated reverse logistics activities to correctly support our customer in its commercial approach.

Our support

Being interfaced, we now dispatch between 300 and 400 orders every day in 2 to 3 waves, including finished products, kits and other promotional items, including point-of-sale advertising.

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